A Sirius Silver is a cosmonutriceutical solution with multiple applications consisting of distilled water with silver (Ag) in suspension at .0025 ppm. to .025 ppm. The actual silver content is in the form of ultra nano-particles. The remaining silver is introduced in vibrational form by embedding silver frequencies into the solution. Though similar to colloidal silver in effect, ultra nano-particles are too small to be considered in “colloidal” suspension. They are rather, in a “nano-suspension” which is a much more stable state. The vibrational silver frequencies do not add actual silver to the solution, only the benefits which amplify the effectiveness of A Sirius Silver in the body above that of common silver products without any of the harmful side effects.

Combining ultra small particle size with vibrational silver frequencies, results in silver solution which is without peer. From the standpoint of penetration into capillaries, cells, pathogens and body tissues, A Sirius Silver is much more effective than common silver products on the market. With less than 100-200 mcg in a 4 oz. bottle, A Sirius Silver usage is well under the amount referenced by EPA for public water supplies in the US. Users can be as secure with daily use of A Sirius Silver as a as they are with EPA approved drinking water. The properties of A Sirius Silver completely put to rest any concern with Argyria or other perceived toxicity concerns.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Pure Silver (hydro-Vortex Structured Nano Silver), ZeroPoint™ Technology


It has been discovered that the cells in the body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health. Vibranz has identified specific frequencies that match the optimum state of health for each of the body’s organs and systems. These are called Human BlueprintTM Frequencies. When a person ingests or applies A Sirius Silver, their body begins to ‘resonate with the frequencies’ that are in the A Sirius Silver through a process called Biophotonic Entrainment. This is similar to a tuning fork that will pick up the frequency (sound) of another tuning fork in its vicinity. When they are close to one another, they will both begin to ‘resonate at the same frequency’. When the organs and systems of the body are attuned with the frequencies that are in the A Sirius Silver, the body returns to a balanced state. The body is able to protect and heal itself when it is in balance.


  • Provides powerful support to the immune system
  • Completely non-toxic with no heavy metal contamination
  • Can assist the body in balancing: connective and dental tissues; respiratory, lymph, circulatory,endocrine and parasympathetic systems, vision, brain, spinal column and adrenal glands


Shake well. Best when taken alone, can be mixed with water or juice. Take ½ ounce daily for optimal balance of your biofield and blood stream.

  • Take 1-3 pumps daily during flu season
  • After shower body spray
  • Take 1-3 pumps if feel a cold coming on
  • Toner after washing face
  • Spray scrapes or cuts to ward off infection
  • After shampoo hair detangle
  • Spray in eyes for irritation or dryness

For topical application, spray small amount on skin (one or two sprays) to enhance overall wellbeing. Spray a small amount (1-2 sprays) to:

  • Face
  • Hands
  • Behind Ears
  • Wrists
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Inside Forearm
  • Behind Knees
  • Inside Mouth
  • Bottoms of Feet

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SUBJECT: 40 year-old male, 200 lbs. Parasites and candida are prevalent. Blood was retested immediately after subject took 1/4 oz. of A Sirius Silver under his tongue for 1 minute.

BEFORE: This kind of blood is unhealthy. Blood is anemic and shows signs of dehydration. Note the abnormal cell cluster in the middle, which could be the beginning of a cyst or tumor.

AFTER: This kind of blood is healing. This shows an alkaline state where good health and healing can take place. The strong negative ionic charge of A Sirius Silver causes the clumped cells to separate which allows more oxygen between cells to achieve optimum cell function.


“As a contact lens wearer, I’ve always had a problem with dry eyes. Typically, I would use eye drops, and I’ve even used steroid and astringent eye drops. You might say I had a collection of eye drops to use while wearing contacts, when not wearing contacts and drops to get the red out. One day when my eyes were extremely red and sore, I instilled a drop of A Sirius Silver in each eye. As soon as I looked in the mirror, the redness was gone, and the irritation of both eyes and inner eyelids had settled down. For the past two weeks, I’ve been using A Sirius Silver as an eye drop exclusively (and less frequently), and my eyes are much, much better. Thank you Vibranz for this wonderful product.” — Jeannie, VA

“I was really tired and was sneezing and realizing I had a virus, I took a ½ oz of A Sirius Silver and nothing else. It cleared my head and felt much better. Later in the evening I started to feel not so great again and took another ½ oz of A Silver and went ahead and took my usual vitamin at bedtime. Woke up this morning and just felt great. I was really impressed how quickly it worked.” — Pat, CAN

“One night I went to bed the night and felt a sore throat coming on, and I began sneezing repeatedly. I got up and put a dropper full of A Sirius Silver down my throat and went back to bed. I made sure that the A Sirius Silver touched the part of my throat that was hurting. My throat stopped hurting IMMEDIATELY! The following morning I woke up with no symptoms whatsoever, even though I didn’t get much sleep. I don’t ever want to be without A Sirius Silver. I want to keep it on hand for emergencies!” — Barbara S., MD

“I awoke with an awful outbreak of eczema circling my right eye. and immediately called my acupuncturist to “calm it down”. The next available appointment was 5 days away. I made a mixture of 4 oz. water and 50 drops of A Sirius Silver and sprayed my eye. The next day, it was 10% improved. That night, I sprayed my eye and placed the Intention Disc over it. Day three, it was 85% improved. I repeated the procedure continuing to spray the water with A Sirius Silver mixture. It was COMPLETELY gone by day four morning. By time I had my acupuncture appointment, I had NO complaints whatsoever. Perhaps if I had used A Sirius Silver at full strength the eczema might have cleared with one application!” —Ted P., NJ

“I woke to intense pain behind my left ear and down my neck almost to my shoulder. It felt like the bone trauma rather than muscle or tissue. It was painful to the lightest touch. It didn’t look or feel swollen, and the area was not red, but the pain was not to be overlooked. I drank some A Sirius Silver, and it improved right away but was still sore to touch, so I splashed some A Sirius Silver on the area and drank some more. Later that day, it was much improved. That night, I splashed more A Sirius SIlver on the area and drank another ounce or so before bedtime. I woke the next day with no pain: All gone! No soreness to touch – good as new! I don’t know what was causing the pain, but A Sirius Silver brought this area into balance, and the pain soon disappeared! Thanks Vibranz!” — Lorraine E., ME

“My grandson has really bad acne and has tried everything and it just didn’t work. He came to visit and just after 3 times of applying the Citrus Silk Oil Vera twice a day, followed with the Green Laser and topping it off with a spray of the A Sirius Silver, his skin looks like it was when he was 4 years old. His acne is drying up and he just beams as he is beginning to have a normal look again.” — Sandi, CAN

“I had a friend yesterday that had been out working outside in the northwest where there is a lot of mold and spores and her eyes
would get very scratchy. She said her right eye is worse so let’s just do it first so I can see if there is a difference. So she sprayed
the Sirius Silver in and before long, she was doing the left eye too. This was several times now that I have seen results with the
eyes and Sirius Silver.” — Terri, WA