Aum Crystals is a Cosmonutriceutical crystals with multiple applications. Aum Crystals consists of 100% pure ingestible far-infrared Tesla crystals, harmonic sound frequencies, Human Blueprint™ frequencies from minerals, which have been embedded with ZeroPoint™ Technology.

Aum Crystals — how energy from crystal get into the body?

Nikola Tesla believed that all the energy we needed was already available to us in nature. He believed that we should be able to share that energy with each other. Aum Crystals is energy you can share.

Your body emits energy and like a mirror the crystals send it back. The energy reflected back to the body creates a constructive interference pattern which increases the amplitude of the wave. Think of it in terms of volume. The higher the amplitude of a sound wave the louder it is. In relation to your body, the more energy is available to move the water circulating the blood and lymph system. Infrared Crystals have the ability to send and receive frequencies of energy wave patterns, especially those within the frequency spectrum between 3 and 24 ums. It also has a unique FWHD emission within the human back body emission of 9.4 um.

Only calcium based colloids with a content of 80% or more of a Tesla Crystal can successfully send and receive frequencies that are capable of penetrating deep into a human body. This is vital information for those who find Tesla Crystal rich in the ability to send and receive frequencies within the Far-infrared Spectrum. Tesla Crystals that are bound to minerals that interfere with incoming and outgoing energy frequencies are rendered useless to biological systems that require this type of energy to operate. This
repeating formula creates a colloidal lattice which can change form depending on what it is exposed to.

Tesla Crystals higher in calcium keep the lattice unstable which maintains the crystals capacity for energies to remain in constant flux. This is also referred to as a cation exchange capacity, the potential for change. The calcium bond is so weak that geologists question if it even is a part of the lattice to begin with. Fortunately this weak bond gives the calcium potential to be exchanged with toxins like lead, fluoride mercury and aflatoxins like candida imprisoning them into the jail cell of the crystal which refuses to let them go.

Aum Crystals is an all natural Tesla Crystal that charges the water in the body via far-infrared emissions, increasing blood and lymph circulation; combined with its ionic substitution value, removes harmful toxins and enhances the body’s ability to create a healthier balance between the body and its environment.

How Zeropoint™ technology in the Vibranz Aum Crystals works

It has been discovered that the cells in the body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health. Vibranz  as identified specific frequencies that match the optimum state of health for each of the body’s organs and systems. These are called Human Blueprint™ Frequencies. When a person ingests or applies Aum Crystals to their body begins to resonate with the frequencies that are in the Aum Crystals through a process called Sympathetic Resonance and when exposed to light, Biophotonic Entrainment also occurs. This is similar to a tuning fork that will pick up the frequency (sound) of another tuning fork in its vicinity. When they are close to one another, they will both begin to resonate at the same frequency. When the organs and systems of the body are attuned with the frequencies that are in Aum Crystals, the body returns to a balanced state. The body is able to protect and heal itself when it is in balance.

Aum Crystals Directions

Add 1/2 tsp. of Aum Crystals to 8 oz. hot distilled or filtered water (about the temperature of tea) and let steep for about 5 minutes. This should be done twice daily for optimal efficacy. You can drink it cold, or add to any tea you like for flavor. Works great for stomach issues and /or improved bowel movements. Add Mint Matrix Oil Vera or Citrus Silk Oil Vera for added flavor and wellness.

Aum Crystals Suggested Uses

Topical: Mix 1 tsp. Aum Crystals with 2 tsp. liquid; (recommend Vibranz A Sirius Silver, small amount of Citrus Silk Oil Vera or 1 drop of Mint Matrix Oil Vera). Apply topically to area of choice and leave on until dry or as long as you wish with the mask. Remove mask with warm wash cloth, wash as usual. Then moisturize with recommended Vibranz Love Oil Vera or Citrus Silk Oil Vera.

Oral: Safe when ingested or used orally (1 to 3 tsp. daily):

  • Mix 2 tsp. in 1/2 gallon distilled water and drink 8 oz. 2-3 times daily
  • Mix with A Sirius Silver and Mint Matrix for a paste consistency and brush teeth

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AUM crystal Testimonials

I did a facial with the Aum Crystals with incredible results. My skin feels so soft and smooth; supple and tighter as well. I mixed the Aum Crystals with hot water and made into a paste, put it on my face and let it dry ntaurally. I then put a hot towel over my face to help steam it off. — Harriet Y., NV

“ I have been faithfully drinking the Aum Crystals in distilled water every day and no longer experience heartburn or acid reflux. I want to thank Vibranz use of ZeroPointTM technology because my digestive system has improved and I am feeling better and better.” — Jolene C., IO

“ I have always had a yelllow tint to my teeth, that’s the way I was born. After using the Aum Crystals with Mint Matrix, my teeth are so much whiter. Whe I brush my teeth, I feel like I’ve just been to the dentist and my teeth were polished! I love using the Aum Crystals with Mint Matrix as my toothpaste. Thank you Vibranz!” — Carol S., CA

“ Since using the Vibranz Aum Crystals, I’ve noticed my strength training at the gym increase dramatically. I was able to increase the weights by at least 20%. I increased by one or two plates on the weight machine easily while still able to do a full set of 10-15 sets with no sore muscles. My muscle recovery time is the same day. Thank you Vibranz with the ZeroPointTM technology for helping me stay fit.” — Doreen Z., FLA

“ I started taking ‘cloud water’ made with Vibranz Aum Crystals and alkaline water. My balance and flexibility increased almost immediately. Mouth sores disappeared. Also, the pins and needles in my hands and arms are gone. Thanks to Vibranz use of the ZeroPointTM technology, I now sleep like a rock and feel fantastic.” — Noel F., CAN

“ I started using toothpaste made with Vibranz Aum Crystals and my dental hygenist says my mouth is the healthiest she has ever seen. The amount of plaque is reduced significantly and she said my gums are completely healthy, even where there are plaque deposits touching the gums — which is definitely not normal. She was so impressed that she is now using toothpaste made with the Aum Crystals.” — Charles M., FLA

“ My husband has been taking Aum Crystal in water twice daily and he has noticed that his prostate/ bladder issue is so much improved. This is really remarkable. He was getting up every night, every couple hours to urinate, sometimes more often. He’s had this problem for over 8 years. After 2 weeks, he started sleeping through the night, maybe getting up once. That’s a dramatic improvement. ” — Dr. Hilary N., CA

“ I am so glad we have the Aum Crystals. I’ve been a hair stylist and esthetician in the beauty industry over 33 years. I use the Aum Crystals every day. take the ‘cloud water’ (Aum Crystal in distilled water), every day, 8 oz. in the morning and evening. I do a facial mask with Aum Crystals once or twice a week and do a belly pack at the same time. I know that the Aum Crystals are tissue rejuvenators so putting them on the inside as well as the outside gives the best results.” — Brenda G., VA

“ While on a camping trip I got a really really bad grease burn on my arm while cooking bacon. I mixed the Aum Crystals with A Sirius Silver into a paste and left it on my arm over night. The next morning when I woke up, the redness was gone. A couple weeks later, the burnt area skin just flaked off with no scarring. You can’t even see where I was burned now.” — Julia A, CA