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The Success Contest Continues

All rules from the previous contest will apply

BUT we are increasing the bonus funds!


We are doubling the Bonus pool fund from 2% of monthly BV to 4% and increasing the Top 3 additional Bonus from 2% to 3%!

Go get your share of these great bonuses.

Oct 1 to Nov 30

Enroll 2 new Preferred Customers and or Consultants each month for a total of 4 (yes, they can all be enrolled in 1 month).Upgrades of Consultants from any package will count. All new Retail Customers spending over $249.00 will count.You will receive 1 portioned share in a company bonus pool equal to 2% of the total BV for the 2 months sales. The top 3 Consultants above that amount will receive an additional pro-rated split of another bonus pool of 2% of company BV over those 2 months. The Consultant sign ups must be with a $249.00 package or above. 

Any Consultant who earns any of these bonuses may take product in lieu of cash at a rate of 2 times the cash value based on the wholesale product price. 

Additional prizes:

  1. All Consultants with more than 3 per month will also receive a free ticket to the October event.
  2. All Consultants with 4 or more per month will receive a free room for Friday and Saturday night of the event,
  3. All Consultants with 5 or more per month average gets Airfare in addition to all other prizes. *airfare is from major airports to Las Vegas only.


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