Compensation Plan Overview
English Rev Date: 06/26/14

Commissions and Bonuses Payment Schedule:

Retail Commissions and Quick Start Bonuses are paid 3 weeks in arrears. Example: A pay period goes from Monday the 5th to Sunday the 11th; that week’s funds would be paid out by Monday the 2nd of the following month. All other Bonuses are paid out by the 25th of the following month.

Your Paylution account will be set up for you automatically. If you have any questions, contact regarding your account.

Paylution options include automatically transferring funds that come into almost any bank, anywhere in the world. You can have split automatic payments – 60% to one account; 40% to another, etc. Or you can leave the funds there and transfer them as needed. The account can also be multi-currency and has favorable exchange rates.

Read the Paylution Brochure