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  • Go to your My VIBRANZ site and log in.
  • Edit Your My Account Details profile by clicking on the green edit button
  • In the Placement Method field you have 2 choices:
    • Automatic
      This option directs the system to automatically place your member on the bottom lesser side (Lesser side of your Left and Right BV Totals) of your organization in the binary tree
    • Manual
      This options allows you to manually place your member in the position of your choice.
  • Go to your site  
  • Click on SAVE 10% in the Main Menu
  • Find the product you want to purchase and click on ADD TO CART located at the bottom of each product.

  • When your ready to view your order, hover your mouse over the Cart icon located on the top right hand side of your screen and click on CART button.
  • When your ready to Check Out, Click on the long purple button labeled PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
  • In the Account Information section, Select the username of the member you wish to place your new customer under in the PLACEMENT PARENT field.
  • Select the position (Left or Right) of the PARENT you wish to place your new customer under in the PLACEMENT SIDE field
  • Now key in the Billing Information of the person that is going to be charged
  • If the Shipping address is going to be different, Mark the checkbox labeled SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS?
  • Select the Payment Method desired
  • Enter the Credit Card information of the person that is going to be billed (Credit Card No, Expiration Month, Expiration Year and CVV.
  • Mark the checkbox labeled I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions *
  • Click on the button PLACE ORDER.

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