2.5 oz, .5” diameter Variations in color occur due to the Intention Disc being made from natural Jasper Stone. The differences in color do not change the effectiveness of each stone.

Intention Disc is a Red Poppy Jasper semi-precious stone which is infused with Human Blueprint™ Frequencies that bring the body into balance. It can be used to assist in programing for alignment with your goals and intentions. The Intention Disc clears toxic waveforms from food, liquid and personal care products. It clears active memory of emotional trauma stored in cellular memory. The Intention Disc also uses sacred geometry to accomplish its clearing effects through the right hand spin of the disc. Wear as a necklace, placed in a pocket or in clothing to receive the full range of benefits.


It has been discovered that the cells in the body vibrate at various frequencies
depending on their state of health. Vibranz has identified specific frequencies
that match the optimum state of health for each of the body’s organs and systems. These are called Human Blueprint™ Frequencies. When a person wears or holds the Intention Disc, their body begins to clear incoherent energy (disturbing memories, traumatic events). This clearing allows for the body to return to a balanced state. The body is able to protect and heal itself when it is in balance. Many diseases or conditions have been linked to emotional traumas and beliefs.


The Human Blueprint™ Frequencies of the Intention Disc clear toxic waveforms that disrupt how our cells communicate with our bodies. Often stress and outside influences can be stored in our bodies. The Human Blueprint™ Frequencies in the Intention Disc help neutralize and balance our systems through energetic detoxification.

  • Clears toxic waveforms in food, liquids, and personal care products we use and consume.
  • Balances the body and allows the mind-body complex to achieve harmony.
  • Minimizes the effects of stress and outside influences on our organs and
    internal systems.
  • Enhances self expression and communication
  • Helps dissolve dysfunctional belief systems
  • Brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks
  • Facilitates spiritual growth and intuitive abilities
  • Encourages rational thought & objectivity
  • Enhances self-esteem, self-acceptance and trust in others
  • Helps with disorders of the throat, vocal cords, larynx and helps with hoarseness
  • Helps clear digestive problems


The Emotional and Physical Balance

  • Hold Intention Disc in palm of your hand and clear your mind of all negative thoughts.
  • Hold the disc until you feel a release from your body in the form of a sigh or yawn or achieve a peaceful state of mind.
  • Repeat daily as many times as you want to maintain optimum balance and achieve a sense of wellbeing. Balance Food, Beverage and Personal Care Products
  • Place food or beverage of choice on top of Intention Disc for up to one minute.

This information has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to treat disease, support human life, or to prevent impairment of human health. This information is for frequency, self-education and research purposes only. Please seek professional help with health issues. The products are not sold for these purposes. They are only sold to assist in bringing the energy field and
centers into a greater sense of balance and coherence and any resulting physical results are anecdotal at best.


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“ After reading about how others have responded emotionally to the Intention Disc, I began reflecting on my use of this pendant. I wear my disc as a necklace every day to work. I work at a hospital which is rife with patient drama, nurse/doctor/staff conflicts and inter-office politics. It can be a very emotionally draining and contentious atmosphere in which to work. I have even been the target of a fair amount of (unwarranted) character assassination. As I said, after reading about the emotional aspects of wearing the Intention Disc, I began to realize how every day I’ve gone to work, somehow, even though I was initially feeling depressed, unmotivated or worried about what the day held and, except for a few of the worst days, I have been able to go in with enthusiasm and a smile on my face. I really do believe the Intention Disc helps me process my feelings and fortify me for the day. I do notice I feel stronger and more self-assured without there really being any other reasons for this confidence other than I am wearing the Disc.” — Dakotah D., KS

“ My first time holding the Intention Disc was indeed a “wake up call”. I immediately felt a sensation in the back of my neck, rising up and over my head. Kind of like an ‘energetic pop’ followed by a feeling of relief and alignment. I had experienced a traumatic neck and back injury last year, causing my Atlas to be misaligned. I had a treatment a few years ago to align it, and I could tell it was out. What relief! In just a few moments, my highest intent for healing took place. I am truly grateful.” — Pamela C., HI

“ I used the Intention Disc with muscle testing to release the fear from the diagnosis of cancer. My client agreed to the traditional chemo and radiation treatment and had tremendous fear wrapped around the whole process. The process of using the Intention Disc removed the emotional component, so she could focus on the healing. Much less stress… She also used the Intention Disc
on the site of the first treatment, relieving the memory. The Green NaturaLaser was then used on the big 4 as well as the site of chemo. Her whole being shifted and relaxed.” — Practitioner Robyn G., FL

“ I have been unemployed for one year, and the financial stress, anxiety and fear of the unknown has been increasing by the day. I have a difficult time sleeping – tossing and turning – I am lucky if at best I get 2 or 3 hours of broken sleep. I discovered on the recent newsletter a new way to explore my Intention Disc to clear toxic frequencies from my subconscious mind. We know that water stores the memory of negative messages, and since the human body is approximately 80% water, give or take, it stands to reason that our body’s cells and tissues and organs also store the memory of negative messages. Last night, I went to bed with my Intention Disc in hand, and every time my sleep was disturbed and I was startled awake in a panic by a negative thought creeping in to my subconscious, I asked for my Intention Disc to release all incoherent toxic frequencies that were not conducive to my overall physical and emotional health and well being, and I returned to sleep like a baby.”
— Margee B., FL

Testimonials are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Vibranz is not responsible for any of these testimonies. They are not the opinion of Vibranz, but are individual customer’s personal experiences and product use. Individual results may vary.