rick1Rick Bergen is the CEO and co-founder of the VIBRANZ, dedicated to improving vibrancy, health and wellness through products devoted to enhanced energetic and vibrational alignment.

Rick specializes in the field of zeropoint energetics and EMF protection. For many years he worked with the top scientists from NASA, ARIZONA State University, and with scientific and clinical specialists in Sports Medicine, Biomechanics, and Herbalphoresis as well as a PhD and dean of a top University who specialized in plants and minerals that match and support human body frequencies and specific body parts.

These mentors and colleagues guided him to understand the energy maps of the body, brain mapping and raising consciousness with energetic products. His conclusion from these working relationships was that frequency balancing was the future of all healing.

He spent many years learning about the human energetic body and human blueprint frequencies to help balance and heal through new technologies grounded in the science of quantum physics.

He brought to this field of energy technologies 29 years of entrepreneurial experience and a proven track record of success, skill, and talent in the direct sales and multi-level industries. This expertise led him to found the popular and successful VIBRANZ company and its remarkable energy and conscious raising products.

Rick brought the unique energy technology found in ZeroPoint products to the average consumer who was seeking a way to manage the challenges and stresses of daily life, AND address the deeper health issues that can manifest from the big lives we all lead.

He continues to contribute to the ongoing healing work of VIBRANZ as its CEO and, along with his team of scientists and field researchers, persists in advancing the ZeroPoint Technology in exciting, new and inventive ways.

With great respect and reverence, Rick listens to the whispers of the universe through science, technology and intuition to deliver a unique selection of the highest quality transformational products on the planet.

charles1Years in Business

Employment History

Charles was General Manager of England’s third largest direct marketing agency, Audiotext Plc., before moving to Israel in 1990 where he consulted to a number of private companies and two government ministries; and became a financial adviser with Old Mutual Insurance.

In 1993, Charles and two partners founded Bridge House Management Consultants. Over the next decade they developed a boutique investment firm and a number of start-up companies in the financial services and hi-tech venture capital worlds in Israel and the US.

In 2000, Charles moved to South Florida to expand ICABS, one of the start-up companies, offering global financial transaction processing. The company was acquired in 2004 by a Fort Lauderdale public company and Charles joined their board.

In 2008, after three and a half years of non-stop global travelling as COO of a multi-national hi-tech financial transaction and mobile phone company, Charles hung up his passport to spend more time with his family and refocused his energy on his business consulting firm that had taken a backseat over the previous four years. The firm’s services focused on operational & logistical planning; team management and development; and financial, banking & employee benefits advice to a wide range of companies in a number of industries.

In Q4 2011, Charles was asked to expand his role with VIBRANZ to take on additional responsibilities in the operational, logistics and Wellness Consultants payments areas. Charles became the COO in Q2 2011, blending his financial background into that role.

Educational Background

Charles attended school in Newcastle, England and graduated from the Newcastle Royal Grammar School in 1982. Charles holds a BA (with Honours) in marketing and business from the University of the South Bank in London. Charles holds a 2-15 license for life, disability and health insurance in 10 states; he is certified for advising on long term care insurance planning, and pension/retirement plan design and implementation.

Marital Status

Charles has been married to Linda for over 21 years. His three children were born in Israel, and are all tri-national, as is Charles (English, Israeli, and most recently, a naturalized American Citizen).


Charles has a love of international and traditional English cooking; eating; chilies; music (singing and rhythm guitar), & scuba diving. He is a passionate supporter of Formula 1 Grand Prix racing, his beloved Newcastle United Soccer Team, and rugby. Apart from a great interest in many areas of energy, Charles, Linda, and their youngest daughter are 3rd Level Reiki Masters; the Family is a huge supporter of VIBRANZ products and has been since before the Company’s official launch in 2007.