Oral Care Health System (OCHS)

What if you could have a Product that was not only Organic, Edible, Gluten Free, Toxic Free, Cruelty Free and not just about cleaning your teeth and mouth but about promoting whole body wellness in the process!

Reducing your right now needs for Dental care and Medical care both short term and long!

100% Certified Organic, Fair Trade when available.

Oral Care Health System BENEFITS

Here are the kinds of results we have so far from most people:

  • Whittier teeth after about 2 weeks of both the spray and the paste
  • Continued removal of stains from coffee, tea etc
  • Teeth feel like they are smooth or sealed, like coming from Dentist after a clean and polish
  • Major reduction or elimination of tartar
  • Reduction and or elimination of bleeding gums
  • Reduction and or elimination of infection in the gums
  • Possible basal cells on skin reduced or gone
  • Teeth re-Enameling
  • Cavity reduction or elimination
  • Reduction of gum pockets
  • Significant Increase in circulation
  • Significant Improvement of Red blood health


  • 2 subjects were used in this study: both had problem tooth & gum issues
  • A first Capture was taken before starting use of the Vibranz Tooth Product
  • Another capture taken after 3.5 weeks
  • Last capture taken 6 weeks after starting use (2.5. weeks after 2nd Capture)
  • All Captures shown in this study are of the Physical Field (with filter)


  • Light Blue Glow:   Healthy Area
  • Medium Shades Of Blue:   Unhealthy / problem areas
  • Dark Blue:   Chronic Issues / problem areas

Subject 1: Close-up

Subject 1: Close-up


  • The Vibranz oral care health system is truly incomparable in it’s abilities to heal & repair gum and tooth issues; most dentists believe these issues can only be addressed by invasive & painful procedures, if at all.
  • Both subjects showed marked improvements in long-term problem tooth & gum areas, improvements that increased with each passing week.
  • The results were quite impressive on every level!

Oral Care Health System (OCHS):

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Direction for Oral Care System (complete system including the Oral Care Spray)

Contents: 1 jar of Oral Care Powder, 1 bottle of Sirius Silver, 1 bottle of Oral Care Spray, 2 Mint Matrix packets, 1 spatula.

Mixing Oral Care Powder: Empty the 2/3 of the Sirius Silver bottle and 1 packet of Mint Matrix into the powder mixture, using the spatula mixing the mint in the silver liquid, then let the liquid saturated into the powder for 10 minutes; then using the spatula mix the paste thoroughly. For consistency preference, you may add the remaining Silver and/or the 2nd Mint packet for taste.

For best result: Use the paste for brushing at least 2x a day and the spray after brushing.

NOTE: The Oral Care Spray can be used as Pre-brushing or post-brushing, your preference. Both maybe ingested.


“ This is Elizabeth H and this is my experience with Vibranz Oral Care! I have brushed with electric toothbrush twice a day since May 7th! I love these combined products and find I have a clean healthy mouth!!! My teeth are whiter, not pearly white, but I am mid-eighties!! I have not had any bleeding ever and I am giving my gums much scrubbing! Knowing the background of the product I feel so blessed to be using it daily and plan to continue to have this to use daily!!!!!! Thanks for the experience!!! 7/9/2018 “

“My gum health continues to improve and I think the teeth are getting a bit whiter.
Teeth feel smooth and clean” — Lori B.

“ I have been using the spray and paste as directed for 2 months, once daily and am very happy with the results! I have periodontal disease and I have noticed gradual whitening and tightening of my teeth at my gumline.
FYI, my Dental Hygienist did my exam, cleaning and told me to keep flossing and brushing like I have been (meaning she noticed a difference or would have asked me to do better). I then asked her if my pockets were any better? She said my pockets were only slightly better, she noted quite a bit less tarter buildup and it only took 25 minutes for this cleaning as opposed to the normal 40 minutes. ” — Laura B. 7/9/18

“ My teeth feel clean, my gums feel strong. I really love the spray on acne. It is amazing how quickly it goes away. I can spray it on in the evening and by morning there’s no signs of it. Granted it’s a mild case. I still spray it where my basal cell cancer was occasionally just to make sure it stays way. I also feel after I brush my teeth at night that my whole body seems to calm down and relax. ” — Brenda G

“ The product does remove teeth stains from tea/coffee. Spraying my teeth at night before putting on Invisalign seems to make teeth brighter in morning … I don’t rinse that out. It is a big help to use the paste and spray to keep tartar off/down. ” — Lynn O

“ I am using the spray AFTER I’m done brushing my teeth… The spray refreshes my mouth and makes my teeth feel clean and slick. Seems to help soothe any sensitivity that I might have. Teeth still nice and white and less tartar build up. ” — Harriet Y

Testimonials are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Vibranz is not responsible for any of these testimonies. They are not the opinion of Vibranz, but are individual customer’s personal experiences and product use. Individual results may vary.



5 Minutes After
Pre-Spray: 5 Pumps,1 Minute Brush & Swallow


6 – 7 Minutes After
Tooth Polish: 1 Minute Brush & Swallow
(Swallowed e/about 1 tsp water)


5 Minutes After
Pre-Spray: 5 Pumps, 1 Minute Swish, Gargle & Swallow
Tooth Polish: 1 Minute Brush & Swallow
(Swallowed e/about 1 tsp water)