Pet Pendants are made of Tiger Iron Gemstone, a semi-precious gemstone that is a natural mixture of Hematite, Jasper and Tigers Eye. The 28mm Pendant is for animals weighing up to 10 lbs. Two of these are needed for pets 11-30 lbs. Use one 40mm Pendant for animals 31-70 lbs. Use two 40 mm Pendants for pets 71-185 lbs. If two are needed, they should be placed on right and left sides of the animal’s collar for the highest efficacy and to avoid the Pendants hitting each other.


The Pet Pendant is programmed using ZeroPoint™ Technology with specific frequencies to assist pets in these ways:

  • Balances the body
  • Increases energy
  • Speeds cellular communication for wellness
  • Eases discomfort
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases focus and clarity
  • Protects from EMF (Electro-Magnetic Fields)
  • Brings deep and restful sleep
  • Protects from ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies)


It has been discovered that the cells in the body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health. Vibranz has identified specific frequencies that match the optimum state of health for each of the pets’ organs and systems. When a pet wears a Vibranz Pet Pendant, ingests or has Pet Vera applied to their body, their body begins to resonate with the frequencies that are in the Pet Pendant and Pet Vera through a process called Sympathetic Resonance. This is similar to a tuning fork that will pick up the frequency (sound) of another tuning fork in its vicinity. When they are close to one another, they
will both begin to resonate at the same frequency. When the organs and systems of the body are attuned with the frequencies that are in the Pet Pendant and Pet Vera, the body returns to a balanced state. The body is able to protect and heal itself when it is in balance.

PET VERA is a combination of Vibranz A Sirius Silver and Citrus SIlk Oil Vera. Consisting of a combination of pure silver, essential oils and extracts from plants and trees which have been embedded with ZeroPoint™ Technology, Pet Vera provides matching frequencies for organ, endocrine and other systems to greatly benefit your pets.


  • Provides more powerful support to the immune system when used as recommended
  • Completely non-toxic and 100% Certified Organic
  • Silver products have become popular alternatives to other wellness products on the market
  • Protects from fleas, ticks and other bugs in and on animal fur/skin


Pet Vera can be applied directly to the fur/skin or can be sprayed on the hands and applied to the animal’s fur/skin as needed for daily maintenance or for specific fur/skin conditions. If there are internal issues and or cysts of any kind, also add to the drinking water and/or food to increase the results both internally and externally. Can also be used for cancers in animals as a way to balance the animal’s field and assist in their body’s own ability to heal. Increase applications on any animals with this type of life-threatening issue. Using embedded Blueprint™ Frequencies, Pet Vera can assist the body in balancing:

  • Connective Tissues
  • Dental Issues
  • Lymph System
  • Digestive System
  • Adrenal Glands
  • Endocrine System
  • Respiratory System
  • Vision
  • Spinal Column
  • Muscle
  • Circulatory System
  • Brain
  • Parasympathetic System

PET PENDANTS & PET VERA is available in:

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“ When I took Taffy to be groomed on Saturday, she had an ear that was starting to get red. Her ears are so sensitive and she does not like anything in her ears. She let me spray the A Sirius Silver into her eyes which stopped them from weeping. I put some of the A Sirius Silver into a plastic spoon and set it under my desk lamp to get a little warmed up. Then I soaked the tip of a cotton pad and held it in her ear about 15 seconds, making sure it got to room temperature first. I squeezed the pad and then rubbed her ear which she didn’t mind at all. Her ear looks so much better today. It’s all cleared up and no redness at all.” — Carol S., CA

“ I have an older dog, Katie. She is a Black Lab who is now 9 years old. We got her as a rescue dog 2 years ago. About a year ago I noticed a mole growing on the inside of her ear. It quickly got so large that I could see a little blood vein in it. I was concemed that with the mole being so large that it might get ripped off. I have been rubbing Pet Vera onto the insides of both her ears. Katie loves this little ritual. When she smells I am applying Citrus Silk Oil Vera to my face, she comes and waits for her turn with the Pet Vera! I would apply Pet Vera on the average once a day 5 or 6 times a week. It has been 8 months since I started this, and her mole is just a small bump now. We are very happy to see this change in her mole. I have included pictures. One picture showing what the mole was like when I started and the other picture was taken today. The mole has been this size for at least the last month.” — Joanne S., CA

“ When the Sirius Silver was sprayed in the mouth and throat of my chihuahua, Lola, her coughing and choking stopped — for good!” — Gini Edwards, MD

“ My chihuahua became unresponsive to any flea treatment — Frontline, Advantage, Comfortis. All of these products seemed to worsen his health and further exascerbate his ability to ward off fleas. Aria suggested that I apply Oil Vera Wellness Solution, Mint Matrix and Citrus Silk dissolved in a small amount of water and spritz it over his fur while rubbing it into his skin. I was skeptical and wondered if he would tolerate the smell. Surprisingly, he calmed down and seemed to enjoy having the products put on him. In about ten minutes I looked and there were NO little black hopping things.” — Joanna R.

“ My dogs always have mucous in their eyes and one has a damaged eye. I sprayed the A Sirius Silver in their eyes and for 2 days now they have not had any mucous. I always had to clean their eyes 2 or 3 times a day. I was using some other eye drops and it wasn’t working. I tried it on myself first as I also had problems and after 2 days the redness around the eyes was much less.” — Taz, CA

“ This 5-yr old horse named Jolie was coming up lame with an abscess in his hoof. The veterinarian was not giving much hope and the owner was ready to put the horse down. Kat and the owner used the Citrus Silk with the Red NaturaLaser for a couple weeks. They took the horse to the farrier who said it showed no sign of the hoof abscesses and was healing well. Jolie got a deep injury on his leg which went all the way to the hoof so Kat immediately applied the Red NaturaLaser and was surprised it was not bleeding profusely as deep as the wound was. They took pictures and you could see it
was healing up nicely. A few days later Kat is surprised to see it healing up so quickly. Also what is remarkable is that the horse has not been pestering at it his wound, flies are not attracted to the wound and Jolie is comfortable with the healing.” — Jan, OR

“ Tom found our cat, Lucy, in our basement and heard her give a distressed “Meow” which she does when a seizure is happening and she gets very disorientated like she is drunk and her eyes are dilated moving in an erratic way and very upset. In the past we would just spend time with her because she was disorientated. I was waiting upstairs for our company to arrive and Tom was working on Lucy with the Green Laser and the minute the light hit the top of her head she sat down at his feet, became calm and began to purr and she was fine. Still a little shaky on her feet but was fine and it was remarkable how fast she responded.”— Pam, MD

“ My cat loves the Frequency Disc and cuddles it with his arms around it. Recently he had some teeth pulled, and then he lay with his head on the disc. He obviously enjoys the energy he feels from the discs.” — Sandi, WI

Testimonials are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Vibranz is not responsible for any of these testimonies. They are not the opinion of Vibranz, but are individual customer’s personal experiences and product use. Individual results may vary.