Preferred Customer Policy Update

The Preferred Customer entry program will start January 1,2019

Anyone who is a Consultant by close of business in December will not be subject to the 2 Customer rule per month, however they will have to remain active by keeping your annual renewal current and that you have a personal consumption order over $100.00 each month which will keep your full Consultant discount. If you wish to retain your carry over in addition there is a min of 80bv on a Smartship order every month. If it is not kept current with personal consumption order, (which could be a SmartShip order), for at least $100.00 or there are not 2 customers, then your rank will be changed to Preferred Customer. You will lose some of your discount and ability to build a business till the 2 customers are sold and or the renewal is paid. Here is how the program will work starting January 1, 2019, anyone new joining will start as a Preferred Customer.

They will receive the Preferred Customer discount of 10% off Retail price and can get on Smartship for another 10% off and possible free shipping if the order is over $125.00. If they want to be a Consultant with the company and build a business, they must qualify by getting 2 Customers, which can be Retail or other Preferred Customers. The first 2 sales will be paid in the form of product Referral Credits for either Retail sales or Preferred customer sign-up. Referral Credits will match the same amounts that Consultant get for a similar sale. The Referral Credits will be paid in the form of Coupons that maybe used to purchase products. If you chose to become a Consultant after the second sale you can use the credits to upgrade. It is not required that you upgrade as may you remain a Preferred Customer and not have the continuous 2 Customer rule. The Coupons would then be used for product purchases. You may continue to make Referral Credits as a Preferred Customer if you chose or upgrading after having 2 Customers is always available.

If you decide to become a Consultant with Vibranz the Referral Credits may be used to purchase an upgrade. The upgrade will either be a $39.00 Admin fee plus $4.95 shipping for your Consultant Kit, or an upgrade package based on whatever package you previously purchased to become a Preferred customer. Example, if you signed up as a Preferred Customer with a $49.00 Preferred membership package you could upgrade to a$299, $499, $999, or $1,899 under the upgrade tab on your website. If you purchased $499 to get the additional savings up front then you could upgrade later to a $999 or $1,899.

If you had chosen to become a Consultant after your second Referral and you have paid your $39.00 Admin Fee or bought an upgrade package, your qualifications per the package will start from that time. Example: you Join as a Preferred Customer in January with the $299.00 package. In February you get your second Referral and decide to upgrade to a Consultant. When you make that purchase is when your timeline for the Preferred customer or upgrade package benefits start that are Consultant related. That being the additional 10% discount on products, the 30, 60, or 90 days in the rank associated with the Retail Product package you purchased.