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How the program works

As a Preferred Customer:

  • You will receive the Preferred Customer discount of 10% off Retail price or you can get on Smartship for 15% off the Retail price and FREE shipping on Smartship, if the order is $125.00 or more.
    • As a Preferred Customer (PC) – either Retail sales or Preferred customer sign-up, you will receive Preferred Customer Credit (PCC). There is no Referral Credits for the $39.00 Preferred Membership Package.
    • Referral Credits will match the same amounts that Consultants receive for a similar Retail The Referral Credits will be paid in the form of Referral Coupons that maybe used for future product purchases.

Referral Coupons uses:

  • Referral Coupons may be used for any personal Retail purchases if you are not log in as a PC; or purchase of Preferred Customer products at Preferred Customer (PC) price by log in as a PC.
  • Referral Coupons may NOT be used for any packages such as upgrade packages, Special & Current Promotional Sales, Smartship purchases.
  • Referral Coupons may NOT be used for Sales Tax and Shipping Costs.
  • Referral Coupons may NOT be given to NEW Customers, other Preferred Customers or Consultants for their purchases. Referral Coupons are strictly for your personal uses ONLY.

Qualifying to becoming a Consultant:

  • If you want to be a Consultant with the company and build a business, you must qualify by getting 2 Customers, which can either be Retail or other Preferred Customers sales.
    • After the second sale is made, you MUST send an email to Customer Service at stating “that you have your 2 Customers and would like to upgrade to a Consultant status.  The email MUST include your 2 customers names and order numbers.  You can find the information in your back office.
    • It is not required that you upgrade as you may wish to remain a Preferred Customer and not have the continuous 2 Customers You will continue to earn Referral Credit for Coupons on Retail sales on future product purchases (see Referral Coupons Uses above).
    • Upgrading to Consultant option is always available; however,
      • If you decide to become a Consultant with Vibranz the Referral Coupons may NOT be used to purchase an upgrade. The upgrade will either be a $195 Admin fee plus $4.95 shipping for your Consultant Manual, OR an upgrade package based on whatever package you previously purchased to become a Preferred Customer.
        • Example: 1) If you signed up as a Preferred Customer with a $300 Preferred Membership Package you could upgrade with a $19.95, $299, $499, $999, or $1,899 package under the upgrade tab on your website (Customer Service will activate your UPGRADE tab on your website once they have been informed with your email – see below in Becoming a Consultant).
        • 2) If you purchased a $499 package to get the additional savings up front, then you could upgrade later to a $999 package, or $1,899 package, or just pay the $19.95 Admin fee plus $4.95 shipping.
    • If you had chosen to become a Consultant after your second Referral and you have paid your $195 Admin Fee or bought an upgrade package, your qualifications per the package will start from that point forward.
      • Example: You joined as a Preferred Customer in January with the $299.00 package and in February you get your second Referral and decide to upgrade to Consultant status. Once you purchased the upgrade – that is when your timeline for the Consultant benefits start.  That being the additional 10% discount on products and the 30, 60, or 90 days in the rank associated with the Retail Product package or upgrade package you purchased.

Anyone who was a Consultant by close of business in December 2018 will not be subject to the 2 Customer rule per month, however you MUST remain active by keeping your annual renewal current and have a personal consumption order of at least $100.00 each month – this will maintain your full Consultant discount status.

In addition, all Consultants who wish to retain your Carry Over, there will be a minimum required 80BV (Business Volume) on a Smartship order every month.  If your personal consumption order is NOT kept current (which could be a SmartShip order) for at least $100.00 or there are not 2 customers for the month, then your rank will be changed to Preferred Customer status automatically.  You will lose some of your discount privileges and the ability to build a business until the 2 customers rule is MET; and your annual renewal fee is current.

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