Preferred Customers get discounted products packages with up to 66% discount to start and ongoing 10% to 35% product discounts:

  • 10% Discount off the Retail prices; or
  • 15% discount on SmartShip off the Retail prices; and
  • Approximately 10% savings with Free shipping
  • Approximately 8% to 10% savings in Rebate Credits given as Vibranz Product Coupons (VPC)

PC Discounted Retail Sign Up Packages


How the program works?

As a Preferred Customer:

  • You will receive the Preferred Customer discount of 10% off Retail price oryoucan get on Smartship (see Preferred Customer Smartship Program) for15% off the Retail price and FREE shipping on Smartship, if the order is $125.00 or more.
    • As a Preferred Customer (PC) either Retail sales or Preferred customer sign-up, you will receive Preferred Customer Credit(PCC). There is no Referral Credits for the $39.00 Preferred Membership Package.
    • Referral Credits will match the same amounts that Consultants receive for a similar Retail sale.The Referral Credits will be paid in the form of Vibranz Product Coupons (VPC) that maybe used for future product purchases.