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    Training and Lunch
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    PET: Personal Environment Transformer


    • Reduces effects of harmful EMF/ELF waveforms when placed near electronic pollution.Place in any room in the home, i.e., kitchen, office, bedroom, or any other room that has electronic pollution. It’s also great for traveling, i.e., in the car, airplane lap tray, hotel room, etc.
    • Biofield Balancing can be accomplished when held with the logo facing down in the palm of the left hand while relaxing or meditating for a few minutes. Some people prefer to use the right hand. This demonstrated a more balanced biofield, chakra alignment and organ, gland and body part balancing in the emotional and physical realms on the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) imaging research.

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    Sirius Earth Hearts: Home Package


    • Protects the body from exposure to Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s)
      from items such as cell phones, hair dryers, laptops, microwave ovens, etc.
    • Contains Blueprint frequencies that bring the body into balance and energetic homeostasis.
    • Sirius Earth Hearts can be applied to smaller items with lower EMF’s while Sirius Earth Strips can be applied to larger items or higher EMF’s.
    • As few as four Sirius Earth Strips can be applied to the electrical box to
      protect an en tire house.

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