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  • $135.00

    1 Large Pet Pendant + 1 Pet Vera 2oz PC

  • $93.00

    1 Small Pet Pendant + 1 Pet Vera 2oz PC

  • $225.00

    2 Large Pet Pendants + 1 Pet Vera 2 oz PC

  • $147.00

    2 Small Pet Pendants + 1 Pet Vera 2oz

  • $132.60

    2×4 Smart Saver Pack PSS

    This Pack Contains:

    • 1 of Citrus 2oz
    • 1 of Mint 1oz
    • 1 of A Sirius Silver 2oz
    • 1 of Aum Clay 4oz

    A Cosmonutriceutical blend of essential oils and extracts from plants and trees infused with human blueprint frequencies matching the body. Over 425 Frequencies for restoring balance. For moisturizing, protection and an energetic uplift. Use 1-2 sprays on your hands, then apply to the desired area.Refer to website for additional uses.



    2x4 Smart Saver Pack Testimonial

  • $56.95

    3.5 Inch Black Marble Freq. Disc PC SS

  • $238.85

    4×4 Smart Saver Pack PSS

  • $142.37

    8 Inch Black Granite Frequency Disc PCSS

    The NEW UPGRADED 8” Frequency Disc have arrived and they are beautiful!

    • Black Granite, engraved with the Vibranz logo and the ZeroPoint octahedron.
    • 40% stronger than Marble due to its quartz crystal and feldspar makeup thus making it more programmable.
    • 14% more Human Blueprint Frequencies, 20% increase in efficacy for most uses.
    • Upgrade stone and increased frequencies, increased efficacy and currently with 50% off the price in this sale!
  • $116.18

    A Sirius Silver 16oz PCSS

  • $22.78

    A Sirius Silver 2oz PCSS

  • $39.87

    A Sirius Silver 4oz PCSS

  • $65.45

    Akashic Access – Plant Essentials PC SS

    Awaken your treasure book of life includng the past, present and future for all your lifetimes, Your soul begins to record your life, in a field of energy that is full of your thoughts, words, actiosn, desires and emotions. This blend assists you understandingfand accessing these higher realms.

    Neroli, orange bergamot, rosemary, ginger, clary sage, vetiver, frankincense, elemi, angelica root and helichrysum

  • $28.48

    ARC VISION 15 ml PC SS

  • $134.00

    ARC Vision 6 Pack – BV 108 PC

  • $59.23

    Aum Clay 4oz PCSS

  • $63.71

    Aum Crystals 4oz PCSS

    Aum Crystals is a Cosmonutriceutical crystals with multiple applications. Aum Crystals consists of 100% pure ingestible far-infrared Tesla crystals, harmonic sound frequencies, Human Blueprint™ frequencies from minerals, which have been embedded with ZeroPoint™ Technology.

  • $36.45

    Citrus 2oz PCSS

  • $68.34

    Citrus 4oz PCSS

  • $11.05

    Citrus Silk Foil Sample Packets 10 PCSS

  • -23%
    $605.50 $463.21

    Complete Orion Plant Essentials Set PC SS

  • $255.00

    Earth Strips Pack PCSS

  • $68.85

    Elation – Plant Essentials PC SS

    Soul retrieval in a bottle. Imagine of all your lost parts returning to you from the traumas you have encounterd. This amazing blend reconnects all the parts of you l in all directions of time and space.

    Cinnamon, thyme, basil, orange bergamot, lavender, whitepine, rosemary, Roman chamomile, Dalmation sage, black spruce and sandalwood

  • $165.16

    Encoder Braclet PCSS

  • $34.17

    Entrainer Drops 15ml Bottle PCSS


    • Increased Flexibility
    • Increased Balance
    • Increased Endurance
    • Electromagnetic Field Protection


    Wear on left or right wrist with the disc on the inside of the wrist.
    Entrainer Drops:
    Only 2-3 drops per day taken in any liquid to bring the molecular structure of the body’s water content into a state of perfect balance or homeostasis.

    Click here for detailed information

  • $59.50

    Exuberanz – Plant Essentials PC SS

    Unhook froand awaken your inner guru. Create and support the dimensions beyond the realm of your reality. This blend will assists you in expanding your meditations and experience increased heart-centered awareness.

    Lavender, frankincense, Eqyptian geranium, ginger, cypress, lemongrass, Madagascar pine and Egyptian blue chamomile

  • $72.68

    Fountain Of Youth -Plant Essentials PC SS

    Who doesn’t relate to the quest for eternal youth? This blend of oil helps in letting go of belief systems about aging and reporgramming source codes for the aging process.

    Ylang-ylang, Cinnamon, Ginger, Rosemary, Cardamon

  • $41.65

    Freq. Band PCSS

  • $256.28

    Green NaturaLaser PCSS

  • $130.90

    Hematite Pendant PCSS