VIBRATIONAL MUSIC BY PETER STERLING is music and sound recordings to enhance bio-energetic wellness. Peter Sterling’s vibrational music blends high vibrational sonics and heartfelt melodic compositions into a unique and healing musical experience. The music on these CDs is designed to harmonically re-align the listener with higher vibrational frequencies of light and sound, gently bringing one into a state of serenity, wholeness and inner peace.


It has been discovered that the cells in the body vibrate at various frequencies depending on their state of health. Vibranz has identified specific frequencies that match the optimum state of health for each of the body’s organs and
systems. These are called Human BlueprintTM Frequencies. When you listen to Vibrational Music, your body begins to resonate with the frequencies that are in the music through a process called Sympathetic Resonance. This is similar to a tuning fork that will pick up the frequency (sound) of another tuning fork in its vicinity. When they are close to one another, they will both begin to resonate at the same frequency. When the organs and systems of the
body are attuned with the frequencies that are in the Vibrational Music, the body returns to a balanced state. The body is able to protect and heal itself when it is in a state of perfect balance.


  • Balancing of the Biofield
  • Alignment of the chakras
  • Move the brain toward a theta state
  • Raised consciousness
  • Calming effect as balance is achieved
  • Reduces stress


  • Play constantly in the background at work, at home or in the car
  • Play during meditation to assist in higher states of awareness and
  • Play in any stressful situation, such as your child or baby crying, or
    any emotional event that is or has occurred which you are currently
  • Play during study periods or reading sessions to relax and open the brain’s ability to absorb
  • Play in the background of a classroom to calm the students and relax the atmosphere
  • Play in the background during seminars or presentations to calm the brain and open the mind


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The ‘field’ around the body shows the symmetry between left and right sides of body. Symmetry is important for healthy function. The gaps or decreased energy relates to organs, glands or body parts. Note the stronger energy field after listening to “Center of the Circle”.

The Chakras (balls) are spinning vortexes of subtle energy and are crucial for everyday balance and wellness. The left, BEFORE scan, shows misalignment in some of the chakras and insufficient energy in the throat chakra. The circle shadows present are showing the other scan chakra positions. Note how the chakras are center aligned to support body function AFTER listening to “Center of the Circle”.



“Center of the Circle” blends high vibrational sonics and heartfelt melodic compositions into a unique and healing musical experience. The music on this CD is designed to harmonically re-align the listener with higher vibrational frequencies of light and sound, gently bringing one into a state of serenity, wholeness and inner peace. Total playing time 60:51 minutes.

Images provided by Biophotonic Camera.

GDV Diagrams show the balance between Emotional and Physical Realms. Note the significant reduction in Stress Level AFTER listening to “Center of the Circle”.


“My 11 year old daughter started middle school this year, and it has not been an easy transition. She had become quite sullen, and typically answered us in mono-syllables or an argument. When the Vibranz conference was in Delray, I offered to host a party, and Lorraine came over with one of Peter Sterlings’s CD’s, so I played it during the party. My daughter was in and out that day, doing her own thing, and not really interacting too much at the party, but I noticed she was smiling more and seemed much lighter. The next morning, she came down for breakfast before school. I was already sitting at the kitchen table, and she sat down and just started talking with her old, bubbly, fun demeanor. She started telling me about the kids at school, both the good and the bad, and talked non-stop for about 10 minutes. Then she left for the bus. My husband that was sitting in the next room didn’t say a word through this, and after she left, he said, ‘Who was that child that looked like our daughter?’ It was really a marked difference! I continue to play the music whenever possible, and I can always tell a difference if it isn’t played.” — Lisa L., FL

Testimonials are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Vibranz is not responsible for any of these testimonies. They are not the opinion of Vibranz, but are individual customer’s personal experiences and product use. Individual results may vary.